Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mad About Magnolias

I am completely infatuated with Magnolias! Are they not adorable or what? They just remind me so much of my grandchildren (sometimes though, the wings might change into something else)!


Joani said...

Marsha, I love your cards. You did a great job with them!!

scrappinpeg said...

Marsha.... Your new blog is FANTASTIC!!!! So happy you've made the move to set one up.... You'll be so glad to have a place to keep everything. Although I don't always post on mine daily... I still am thrilled I have it to keep up with my cards. Thanks for sharing with me.... love your two magnolias you have posted. They are both adorable! Hugs....Peggy

Claudia Rosa said...

marsha.. your cards are sooooo darling

I love to read your comments!

I love to read your comments!