Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

What wonderful friends I have!  Moira, Terria, Melanie and Jennifer have all given me the Beautiful Blogger Award, I just want to give you all a big hug and thank you for this award and your friendship.

Good friends are not easy to come by and I have been very blessed to have met so many wonderful people in my craft.  I'm proud to call many of them friends.  I'm supposed to tell you 10 things about me so here they go!
  1. I'm a Christian
  2. I'm happily married, a mother and a grandmother
  3. I got tired of resting, so I retired so I can really work now!
  4. I live "down south" in North Carolina
  5. I forget about eating when I'm crafting
  6. I sing in my church choir and teach a Sunday school class
  7. Chocolate is my favorite food
  8. I have celiac disease (so no wheat please!)
  9. I love to laugh and have fun
  10. My grandchildren call me "Gramie" and my DH "Grumpie" (well earned too - he has the t-shirt!)
Now who to award this to???  I know many in my blogging group already have this award, but I just have to give this to you because you're all so special!  So this award goes to (the envelope, please!):
Moira, Terria, Jennifer, Melanie, Jenny, AnnMarie, April, Kelly, Lesley, Colleen, Tracey, Melina, and my other dear friends:  Gloria, Elizabeth, Danni, Joani, Marlene, Peggie, Christine, Kathy and I could go on and on!  


Danni said...

You are so sweet! Thanks for thinking of me. I no longer display awards on my blog but I so appreciate the thought behind the award!

Gloria a.k.a. mmgirl said...

Thank you so much for this award, this is my first...You are a true christian friend. Love ya mmgirl

Marlene said...

Awwww, shucks....thank you. :) xoxox

Tracey said...

awww...thanks for thinking of me!
You are a fab friend.

Christine Riley said...

Hi Marsha,

I'm a little behind on catching up on my favorite blogs, I'm so sorry I didn't thank you yesterday. Thank you SO much for thinking of me. I'll add this to my blog tomorrow.
Hugs, Christine

Colleen said...

Congrats, and thanks!

Joani said...

Marsha ~ you deserve this award for sure, your blog is awesome!!
Thanks for the kudos, and I'll sure pass it on.

Moira said...

Thanks Marsha... so nice to be honoured by you!

I love to read your comments!

I love to read your comments!