Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Anniversary

I just want to post a very special "Happy Anniversary" wish to my parents, Franklin and Mary Williams. They have been married for 59 years as of July 29, 2009. I am so very, very blessed to still have both of my parents and I love and appreciate them so much. My husband and I took my parents out for dinner on their anniversary and I made them a special card:
They were both in the armed forces during War Word II. My dad was a sailor in the Navy and my mom was a nurse in the Army Nurse Corps. They met at a little drive-in not far from their hometown and I think it was love at first sight! They married in 1950 and two years later I was born.


Danni said...

This is just so pretty!! Wonderful card!

Gloria a.k.a. mmgirl said...

Such a wonderful love story and a beautiful card. Thank you for sharing

I love to read your comments!

I love to read your comments!