Friday, July 10, 2009


Emma Grace Hendricks Emma was born on 7/09/09, 10:26 a.m. She weighs 9lbs 6oz and is 20 inches long. She and her mother, Betsy are doing just fine. She is being held in the picture by her proud Grampie, a.k.a. "Grumpy". She already has those cute little rolls of "baby fat" and a double chin. I can't wait until dd return home and I get some real cuddle time! Apology for Lack of Cards

I apologize for not posting any new cards lately. This has been quite a summer! My laptop has crashed 5 times this summer and yes, I am using it as I speak. I told dh that if it crashes one more time it is toast! I have also been busy reorganizing my craft room. I finally convinced myself to get rid of tons of old exercise VHS tapes. The newly acquired space has now been converted to holding what else? part of my collection of stamps - wonderful stamps! I will post some pictures of my new space once I am finished.

Hopefully I will have some new cards to publish soon on my blog - I also forgot to mention my four grandchildren, dd and sil were here last week.


Susan said...

We can go with the lack of cards for the picture of the baby! What a precious little peanut she is! And look at that hair! My Emma had a headful of hair also and oh, what joy they bring to us! Congratulations to the whole family and enjoy that cuddle time!

Big hugs,


Joani said...

Oh Marsha ~ what a blessing! I am sending you great BIG hugs across the miles!!
Thanks for sharing your joy with us.

Danni said...

Awww, she's precious! Congrats Grandma!

Mae said...

Congrats on a beautiful grandbaby. She is so cute!!

I love to read your comments!

I love to read your comments!